The Rodes Family

Chris, Holly, Ayden, Asher, Amira, & Avery

Who We Are!

So this is where I tell you about us… Where to begin? I’m Chris, and my wife (Holly) and I have four children. I am a flight paramedic and have been involved in emergency medicine since 2004, my wife is a photographer and mother to our children (you can check out her work here at memoryrodesphotography). I travel off and on through the year to various places in the U.S. and when I’m not wandering the skies taking care of people I work in real estate. We are currently completing a home renovation, and establishing our “farm” (we have a couple horses and chickens.. so that counts right). I enjoy spending time with our family, traveling, the outdoors, aviation, and home remodeling.

Our Children

Ayden: Is our firstborn and our athlete. Loves the outdoors, sports, and is always ready to lead.

Asher: Our second son, focused and specific about subjects such as spider-man, red clothes, and other things that interest him. Sweet, accommodating, and always willing to lend a hand.

Amira: The pink wearing, tomboyish princess of the family. Nearly always located within two steps of her brothers, love animals, and getting her nails done.

Avery: The youngest, ever smiling, and happy. Always a character, full of life, and willing to take on a challenge.


Experience Life Together

Adventure can be found anywhere... Just open your eyes!

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